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Welcome to

Compassion-based counselling that moves you forward.

Compassion that Cares.
Compassion that Creates.
Compassion at the Core.

Vive is about community. Vive is for all People.


Vive is a compassion-based, confidential, online counselling service delivered by a Registered Social Worker (MSW) the promotes healing.  

Vive offers individual, couple or community (group) sessions.  Vive also offers mindfulness and meditation. Vive specializes in areas of depression, anxiety, co-dependency, attachment, body-image, positive psychology and former or current trauma(s).


If you have a benefit plan, see whether you are covered under your benefits. If not, Vive offers alternative financial options to support all people and every crossroad.

If you are in an emergent or crisis situation and require immediate support, please attend your nearest hospital or call 9-1-1. Vive has also provided a community resource page for longer term support programs.  


With Vive, you are not alone through this journey. Call us today or book a consult online, for free.   

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