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Couples who play together, stay together! Try these 3 steps!

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Did you know that couples are the most vulnerable prior to falling asleep and upon rising? The last impressions of our day should begin and end with being close and beside the one person you LOVE!

That is why it is so important to fall asleep in each other's arms or add some additional snuggle time in the morning!

Shift some simple gears in your couple bubble and have the magic begin to appear!

It's as easy as the following 3 steps!

  1. Going to bed at the same time!

  2. Keep electronics at the door on mute! Make it electronic free!

  3. Make quality time, meaningful!

Quality time is essential! Make a couple contract with one another to get to bed prior to it being time to sleep! This is a time of vulnerability, touch and connection is an essential way to stay connected! Studies show couples who go to bed together, have higher rates of staying together! Let your time matter most!

Who said keep electronics at the door! Yes, this is a free time zone in the bedroom! In order to show up for each other, you need to remove the added distractions! Have your intentions align with what matters most! That last email can wait until tomorrow so set a boundary today and protect your relationship and time! The added sass you can create by simply eye gazing, holding each other! Make it prescriptive to your partner and begin to understand what showing up means to them!

Ask each other how you can show up for one another through "Touch" (holding hands, heart to heart, playing footzies) as well as "Hearing/Listening" (calling your partner by a their name or a mutual "love" name is such an essential part of intimacy! Laugh! Make it fun! No serious content, keep it about the compliments!

It is important to spend quality time, co-regulate so I encourage couples to go into the FOX DEN or COUPLE BUBBLE! This is a simple strategy to get you back on your way!

Remember, you are both on the SAME TEAM, it's a WIN-WIN!

These 3 steps are a bonus back to you both!

Of note, these are optional suggestions for your couple toolkit & strategies for healthy bonding. You are the experts in your story!

Those who play together, stay together!


Of note, if you are in an unhealthy relationship or one that is abusive, you can call today for 1:1 support(s).

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