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A Must Have! "Wired for Love", by Dr. Stan Tatkin

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

This is a must have for all couples reacquainting and one of my highlighly recommended books for couples!

Did you know that you hold the expertise of your partner! If you cannot answer those questions, begin to start asking yourself, "the why?".

Couples hold the privilege of knowing each other's stories and being the expert in their couple bubble lives!

Begin to understand the signs and cues of your partner, begin to become aware of when to come together, or respect, the apart, yet have confidence in the relationship!

Begin to co-regulate each other, become the "same team" and keep one another safe when your attachment style may wish to fight or freeze or flight!

Once you begin to understand your reactions to what seems like a threat to the security of your relationship, you will then begin to co-regulate with your partner.

The fox den is a great place to hop into!

Until the next time.... a must read!


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