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Couple Therapy

Couple by a River

What to Expect


Relationships can be challenging in life so it is fair to say complications and complexities are bound to exist. Couples counselling can help to improve communication, identify and learn how to recognize conflict, as well establishing healthy boundaries. Understanding the couple injury allows for a new approach to resolving issues that is based on an agreement of negotiation, trust and fairness.  


Issues that occur which can contribute to strains in the relationship can include but are not limited to:

  • Infidelity (emotional, cyber, physical/object, financial) 

  • Addiction (work, gambling, pornography, fitness)

  • Sexual issues (intimacy, physical, emotional)

  • Conflictual parenting styles (blended/separated/divorced couples) 

  • Costs per session: $150/60 or $180/90 minutes

    Sliding scale is offered



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